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Parc 66

Design Architect : P&T International Inc.

Owner/Developer : Shandong Hang Lung Properties Ltd.

Floors/Height : 7F

Building Use : Shopping Center

Status : Built

Location : Jinan, China

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The structure of Parc 66 is based from the concept of natural spring water movement. The shopping mall is able to blend with the surrounding environment by strategically locating a central plaza across the street creating a seamless relationship with the adjacent elements. The mall is divided into two buildings linked by a glass bridge.

The building façade is a combination of unitized and semi-unitized curtain wall system. Although the building seems to be relatively small in terms of height, due to its unusual geometry, it is noticeable that the building adapts a number of wall types.

ALT shares that two of its most prominent and challenging façade features are what they call the “Dragon Head” and the “Zigzag Wall”. The Dragon Head is located at both ends of the two malls. The glass panels vary in width to form a seamless expression of a curved-shape structure. ALT performed panel optimization to control the quantity of atypical glass sizes and reduce the overall façade cost.

The “zigzag wall” covers the billboard and media wall at the front side of the mall utilizing a semi-unitized wall system. The wall employs a jagged plan pattern that makes the dimension of the outrigger support between the curtain wall and the main structure varies.

As a contribution to achieving a more sustainable environment, the façade of Parc 66 is designed to use low-e glass to minimize the solar heat gain, and utilizes operable windows on some areas to reduce energy consumption in lieu of air conditioning.

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