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Ocean Financial Centre

Design Architect : Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Owner/Developer : Ocean Properties

Floors/Height : 43F

Building Use : Office

Status : Built

Location : Singapore

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Acting as a gateway between the old and new Central Business District (CBD) of Raffles Place and Marina Bay stands the 245 meters high Ocean Financial Centre (OFC). The redevelopment being located in a prominent position across the historic Collyer Quay, with its proximity to the Raffles Place MTR station proves to be a wonderful opportunity for the creation of a landmark building within an urban space that encourages activity and facilitates pedestrian movement.

The design intent was to give importance to the historic significance of the site and its maritime heritage. Soaring like a sail, and recalling the seafaring images of the old Singapore harbour, the massing is composed of two interlocking volumes with a low rectilinear volume facing the city and a taller, convex curvature form facing Marina Bay. Capping the tower is a 25-meter tall sky garden which enhances the tower’s transparency as it reaches the top.

The exterior curtain wall is a simple and elegant tapestry of energy-efficient glass with high-performance coating, and metallic silver anodized aluminium elements, creating an interaction between light and metal that enhances the curvature form of the tower. LED lighting is also integrated, animating the entire surface of the tower with glowing points of light at night. The façade is cladded with vertical and slanting glass panels supported by aluminium mullions and transoms.

Photovoltaic panels were installed at the upper roof of the tower. The harnessed passive solar is used to supplement lighting power consumption within the building.

The convex curvature form of the tower allows the design to minimize site coverage on the ground plane and devote the bulk of the site to a public plaza, which allows for the optimization of visual transparency. To maximize the building’s transparency, ALT proposed utilising a net cable system to minimize the wall framings. The first occupiable floor is elevated 24.38 meters above the street level.

The most challenging façade feature that ALT has undertaken for OFC would perhaps be the plaza canopy spanning over 27.7 meters high, topping the entire public plaza adjacent to Raffles Place. The steel and glass “urban martini glass” is made up of a coordinated pattern of colourful and translucent glass panels, and together with a gigantic vertical green wall spanning 2000 square metres across the podium parking structure, will add on to the vibrancy and excitement to the Central Business District area.

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