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Leatop Plaza


Design Architect : Jahn

Owner/Developer : Leatop Real Estate Investment Co. LTd.

Floors/Height : 60F

Building Use : Office

Status : Built

Location : Guangzhou, China

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Murphy/Jahn’s architecture is made to be a simple but elegant shaped tower with a sharply-sloped crown at the roof. Its crown glass layer creates a sculptural image, as if cut from a block of ice. The tower is designed to be light and transparent, maximizing the views from inside-out and strengthening the connection of the tower and its surrounding area.

The building derives its strong presence from the simplicity of its form, the clarity of its structural system and the expressive value of its shingled façade—transparent, translucent, opaque, reflective and luminous.

ALT designed the exterior wall from the ground, all the way to the top as a fully unitized curtain wall system. High performance insulated glass unit (IGU) was used on the majority of the wall to improve its thermal and acoustic performance.

One of the building’s special features is the “ground and sky lobby”. In order to maximize its transparency, the use of high performance low iron glass is implemented.

The façade design also adopted a shingle wall system, wherein each curtain wall panel is laid overlapping one after the other, and where the outer pane of the full height IGU vision glass extends for about 500mm. The vertical mullion was designed not just to withstand the loadings acting on the façade but also to accommodate the Building Maintenance Unit track and LED fittings. The LED fittings diagonally wrap the tower and are designed to illuminate at night time.

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