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International Commerce Center

Design Architect : Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC

Owner/Developer : Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.

Floors/Height : 118F

Building Use : Commercial

Status : Built

Location : Hong Kong, SAR

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The tower’s subtly tapered re-entrant corners and the gently sloped curves at its base are designed to optimize structural performance. These curves splay out at the base of the tower, rooting it to its surroundings, while creating sheltering canopies on three sides, and an atrium on the north. The atrium serves as a public connection space for retail and rail station functions.

ALT proposed that ICC adopt a unitized, in-fill curtain wall system. Normally, for a unitized curtain wall system, the installation of each curtain wall panels at site begins at the lower floors all the way up to the top. In the case of ICC, by adopting a unitized, in-fill curtain wall system and the curtain wall contractor was able to proceed with the installation of panels at any finished floor levels that are free of any obstructions from other trades.

One can say that the dragon tail located at the first few floors of the building is its most prominent feature. It uses a unitized curtain wall system, however, this time with guttered framings, complete with a safety glazing to provide weather and water functionality, similar to a skylight. This system ensures the safety of an overall head wall.

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