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Forum 66 (Office Tower & Podium)

Design Architect : Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC

Owner/Developer : Hang Lung Properties Limited

Floors/Height : Tower I – 350m, Tower II – 380m

Building Use : Mixed Use Development

Status : Built

Location : Shenyang, China

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One of the main features of the façade was coined by ALT’s principal, Joe Khoury, as the renowned “spaghetti wall”. As the term implies, the characteristic of the wall forms a spaghetti-like structure. It is a semi-unitized system with diagonal steel structures to support the diamond-shaped panels. Within the panels are bended aluminum extrusions that are arranged to form a wave-like pattern. The wall is curved in plan, requiring faceted panels that result in the misalignment of two adjacent panels. To hide these flaws, captures are incorporated at the perimeter of glass.

The “North Winter Garden”, which uses a one-way vertical cable system for a 28 meter high glass wall, also proved to be another challenging façade feature. It is a huge lobby lantern that gives its occupants a feeling of freedom, space and transparency. The North Winter Garden is skirted by cladded canopies, and this also holds true for the South Winter Garden. Moreover, the north has a cantilevered slab that gives a stunning view from the inside. One of this area’s main challenges is maintaining its sleek structure, while ensuring its compliance with the local building code. As a result, ALT was able to develop hinged patch fittings that could accommodate large rotation values, which in turn reduces stress concentration and warping effects on the glass.

With the creative collaboration of both architectural and engineering minds, the intended façade system is achieved and displays an icon of stable and sophisticated design.

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