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Eton Dalian Center

Design Architect : NBBJ

Owner/Developer : Eton Properties

Floors/Height : 81F & 62F

Building Use : Mixed Use Development

Status : Built

Location : Dalian, China

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  • The Project consists of 5 tower buildings, which including three 43-story apartments and two skyscrapers (ST1 with 80 stories, 383 meters high; ST2 with 62 stories, 270 meters high), and a commercial podium. The main curtain wall systems are unitized system for the tower, and stick system with semi-unitized wall system for podium.
  • The point supported glass curtain wall system is used in ST1 Canyon position from ground floor to about 380m, and a communal space from 31F to 80F at Canyon position. It’s difficult for the installation work and even for the glass panel replacement during the use stage.

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