ALT Supports up and coming ICONs

The College of Engineering (COE) of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus held its culminating activity last March 1, 2014, in celebration of its 8th Engineering Innovation Congress, which kicked-off in November 2013. ALT took part in the celebration as one of the sponsors and judge in the Engineering Icon Competition, an avenue for engineering students to showcase their talents in inventing products, processes and breakthrough solutions that would respond to the ever changing needs of the society. This year, 20 groups of young, exceptional engineering students pitched-in a wide range of ideas varying from computer and mobile applications to novelty souvenirs, distilling process to 3D printing, irrigation system to energy conversion, and a lot more.

Over the past century, the UP College of Engineering has been known to produce quality professionals in the various fields of engineering. Since 2012, the company has been a strong supporter of the University’s College of Engineering. ALT believes that by honing young minds to its optimum potential, we participate in nation building, and with it promote social accountability and responsible behavior.