Month: March 2016

True Stories – This Ain’t Rocket Science

Oh yeah, it looks simple to you.

Operable window mistakeIt’s Hot in Here. Let Me Open a Window.

Oops. Here is an ALT design detail with a little problem. The operating window can only open about 5 mm before it hits the exterior trim. Fortunately, we caught it before we sent it out (the second time).
Everybody makes mistakes. But an external review can usually catch most of them before it is too late.




screw missed slotMy Brain Hurts.

So, what was this guy’s problem? (The screw was supposed to go in the slot. Duh.)
– Blind?
– Forgot his Viagra?
– Bad aim?
– Too short to reach the slot?
– Bad hair day?
– “We don’t need no stinking slots!”