Month: October 2012

ALT for Ingenuity, Opportunity & Entrepreneurship

ALT has recently agreed to sponsor one of the highly anticipated events of the University of the Philippines’ (UP) College of Engineering: this year’s Engineering Innovations Congress (Engineering Icon). This is the seventh year that the College of Engineering will be hosting the said event, but this is their first Engineering Icon. It is packaged with the promise of having a more competitive environment, with more chances of innovating and generating solutions to the pertinent problems of today. The event is headed by UP’s Engineering Student Council, and is composed of seminars, workshops, competitions and the like.

As one of the platinum sponsors of the event, ALT’s goal is to be able to help the students in their career advancement as Engineers. ALT is fond of events like these, because it helps boost the creative minds of the students and is the best avenue for the generation of new ideas, especially since the whole event is a competition. Aside from the event sponsorship, ALT also proposes a research grant to be given to some students who are willing to do research for some topics that are to be proposed by ALT.

ALT has recently attended the first out of the four seminars in the series, and is excited for the next ones in the lineup.

The Engineering Icon will run from November of this year (2012) to March of next year (2013). More information about the said event can be found on their facebook page.