Year: 2012

NFRC Reaccreditation

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), an organization of which ALT is a member of, conducts a yearly reaccreditation of Simulation Laboratories to make sure that the quality of work is never compromised. Recently, it has reaffirmed not only Ms. Nancy Somera’s accreditation as ALT’s CMA Approved Simulator, but also ALT’s accreditation as a Simulation Laboratory.

Ms. Nancy Somera, Vice President for ALT’s Design Department, underwent the periodic inspection headed by the Accreditation Policy Committee (APC) of the NFRC last July 2012. Four months after, on the 6th of November, Ms. Somera received a message bearing the news of her reaccreditation as ALT’s CMA Approved Simulator, and thus the reaffirmation of ALT’s accreditation as a Simulation Laboratory.

ALT believes that in order to produce the best, the company and those that make it up have to be the best. This reaffirmation by the NFRC not only shows ALT’s capacity as a Simulation Laboratory, but also the capacity of its people to maintain, if not exceed, a necessary level of proficiency.

Gold for Hysan Place at the MIPIM Asia Awards

Every year for the past six years, the MIPIM holds the MIPIM Asia Awards, in order to venerate the most outstanding developments in Asia.

This year, on the 27th of July, Mr. Vincent H.S. Lo of the Shui On Group acted as the chair for a jury consisting of a number of esteemed real estate development professionals and shortlisted the developments that are to be included in the awards. On the 8th of November 2012, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong, the winners were revealed, ranked by Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Winning the gold award in the Best Mixed-Use Development category is the Hysan Place in Hong Kong. The Silver and Bronze Awards for the same category were given to TaiKoo Hui in Guangzhou China, and Kerry Parkside in Shanghai, China respectively.


With this, ALT would like to congratulate those that made possible the creation of Hysan Place. As the development’s façade consultant, ALT is also elated to have been a part of the reasons for its successful construction and recognition. The appreciation given to the development as the best in the mixed-use development category only displays the talent and dedication of the teams behind the development’s conceptualization, design and construction.

Events like these and the appreciation of such projects help in the strengthening of ALT’s drive to produce the best. ALT looks forward to handling more recognizable projects such as these, and to creating better developments in the future.

Additional information and the winners of the other categories can be found on the MIPIM website.

ALT for Ingenuity, Opportunity & Entrepreneurship

ALT has recently agreed to sponsor one of the highly anticipated events of the University of the Philippines’ (UP) College of Engineering: this year’s Engineering Innovations Congress (Engineering Icon). This is the seventh year that the College of Engineering will be hosting the said event, but this is their first Engineering Icon. It is packaged with the promise of having a more competitive environment, with more chances of innovating and generating solutions to the pertinent problems of today. The event is headed by UP’s Engineering Student Council, and is composed of seminars, workshops, competitions and the like.

As one of the platinum sponsors of the event, ALT’s goal is to be able to help the students in their career advancement as Engineers. ALT is fond of events like these, because it helps boost the creative minds of the students and is the best avenue for the generation of new ideas, especially since the whole event is a competition. Aside from the event sponsorship, ALT also proposes a research grant to be given to some students who are willing to do research for some topics that are to be proposed by ALT.

ALT has recently attended the first out of the four seminars in the series, and is excited for the next ones in the lineup.

The Engineering Icon will run from November of this year (2012) to March of next year (2013). More information about the said event can be found on their facebook page.

ALT goes to the 9th CTBUH Shanghai World Congress

September 19-21, 2012 marked the dates of this year’s Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Congress. The 9th of its kind, the recently concluded CTBUH World Congress was held in the captivating city of Shanghai in China.

The Congress was held in the Grand Hyatt Jin Mao facility, which was made to house around 800 people. Among these included Mr. Luke Wang, the Shanghai General Manager and representative of ALT Limited.

The three-day event consisted of talks, seminars, panel discussions and the like, all of which focused on relaying information and initiating discussions about the latest developments involved in the creation of a tall building.

The congress also allowed for technical tours to some of the tall buildings in Shanghai. The tour included some of the projects that ALT worked on, namely the Shanghai World Financial Center, Jing An Kerry Center, Wheelock Square, and the International Financial Center.

ALT believes in the importance of events such as these, as it permits delegates from all over the world to meet and be able to exchange ideas. This allows for the creation of more sustainable designs and the development of more superior technology in the creation of buildings down the line. ALT is proud to have been a part of the CTBUH Shanghai World Congress and is looking forward to the attending the next CTBUH event in the future.

ALT Extends a Hand

Relentless rains have ravaged many cities in the Luzon area of the Philippines during the first week of August 2012. Although there was no actual typhoon recorded, the harsh monsoon rains have caused extreme flooding, landslides, power blackouts, the breakage of infrastructures, and the displacement of numerous families. ALT, once again, felt the necessity to extend their hands and help out those in need.

On the 10th of August 2012, ALT visited the Don Bosco School – Manila, which is owned and administered by the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco. The sisters have opened up their institution as a refugee center for the evacuated families during the brunt of the monsoon rains. Although the flood has receded, the people around the area are still in need of basic supplies like food and drinks, clothes, medicine and the like, which ALT is fortunate enough to be able to provide. ALT brought ready-to-eat, easy-to-open and easy-to-cook food and drink packages, which are to be repacked and distributed among the families in need.

ALT prays for the all those who were affected by the monsoon rains and hopes for all the best for the Philippines in the future.