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Schematic Design

During schematic design ALT will assist the architect and the design team in establishing the performance criteria of the façade. This will include evaluation of the design options that could prevents surprises in the later phase of the design such as when features or visual elements are “discovered” to be unworkable or cost prohibitive. With our input, these issues are addressed before the design evolves too far.


  • Review of architectural drawings focusing on the constructability of the façade intent
  • Review of wind tunnel test report or local wind code
  • Review of the façade modulation in relation to available materials
  • Review of the façade design options
  • Proposed façade system design intent
  • Schematic design report


Design Development

At this stage ALT will developed façade design details incorporating all design aspects, this includes local code requirements, thermal requirements, structural integrity, air and water infiltration requirement, smoke and fire stop, integration of building maintenance restrain, consideration of façade lightning protection and integration of façade lighting.


  • Façade system design details
  • Façade system budgetary cost
  • Outline façade specification
  • Design Development report


Construction Documents

ALT will prepare a set of construction documents of the façade to be use for bidding and contract documents. This includes façade system details of each wall types, technical performance specification and mockup scope. ALT will coordinate with the design team to insure that all requirements are considered in the documents package. The CD set will have adequate information covering the façade scope and performance.


  • Façade system design details package
  • Façade technical performance specification
  • Performance Mockup scope
  • Construction document report



ALT will assist the owner and the bidding team in selecting the capable and appropriate façade contractor for the project. ALT will provide technical assessment during prequalification of bidder and will review the technical documents submitted by bidders in relation with the contract documents, ALT will participate in the technical tender interview to verify the bidders understanding of the project.


  • Instruction to bidders
  • Technical prequalification review
  • List Technical queries
  • Technical evaluation report


Performance Mock Up

After the award of the façade package ALT will provide review of Mock-up shop drawings and will observe the mock-up testing process and document the result.


  • Review of performance mock-up shop drawing submittals
  • Performance mock-up test observation report


Shop Drawing Review

After the approval of the mock up specimen, ALT will provide review and documentation of the shop drawings and calculation submittals in accordance to the approved mock up drawings and specification.


  • Review of shop drawings and structural calculation submittals
  • Review of material samples and product data submittals



ALT will conduct inspection during façade construction. ALT will document and photograph the process from fabrication, Assembly, Installation and field testing. ALT will provide a report with recommendation.


  • Factory inspection report
  • Site inspection report
  • Test observation report


Supplementary Services

Below is the list of our special services offered upon request.


  • Façade panel optimization for complex geometry
  • Design option cost analysis
  • New material review study
  • Sizing of façade design alternate options
  • Alternate option cost analysis
  • Peer Review


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Façade Thermal and Condensation Risk Analysis

ALT performs thermal performance simulations of the façade components. This is essential to ensure the performance complies with local and international codes. Parameters such as U-factor and SHGC are calculated as inputs to energy models or HVAC equipment sizing.

In cold areas, condensate formation along the interior face of the façade components is susceptible to happen. Through condensation risk analysis, ALT checks the condensation prone areas and provides design changes to lessen or eliminate its occurrence.

Solar Access Analysis

Solar access basically refers to the availability of incident solar radiation (insolation) on a surface e.g., the exterior of a building. Say you intend to check feasibility of placing solar heat collectors on your building roofs or you simply want to analyze insolation along different building orientation for a specific season, then ALT can perform the analysis for you. Through this study, you may get an idea on the average, maximum, or even the cumulative amount of insolation on a specific surface given a time period. Overshadowing of nearby structures can also be accounted.

Daylighting Analysis

Daylighting is the practice of using natural light to illuminate building interior spaces. Through Daylight Analysis, ALT may check the amount of daylight being admitted inside building rooms and check if it satisfies the requirements of daylighting credits of rating systems such as LEED, BREEAM or Green Star. A thermal map will also help you visualize the daylight distribution at a specified working plane height.

Comparative Building Energy Model Study

In cases of multiple façade options, ALT can perform building energy modeling to give you an idea on the façade energy performance. Modeling parameters are held constant as varying façade options are evaluated. Energy savings from the different options are then calculated in comparison to a reference baseline model.


CFD Analysis

ALT can perform internal and external Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses to check air pressure, velocity and temperature (internal) distribution inside the building areas or along the building perimeter. At a selected slice selection frame, contour bands and vectors can be plotted to visualize the selected parameter variation or flow.

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